Barcode Assistance Scheme

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Scheme for 'Providing Financial Assistance on Bar-Code' an NMCP Scheme


The financial assistance is provided towards 75% reimbursement of only one-time registration fee and 75% of annual recurring fee for first three years paid by MSEs to GS1 India for using of Bar Coding

Nature of assistance

Funding support for reimbursement of 75% of one time and recurring bar code registration fees.

Who can apply?

All MSMEs with EM registration.

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1. Objectives
To encourage Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) for adoption of bar coding on products for increase in marketability of products in National/International market.

2. Eligibility criteria
The applicant Micro/Small Enterprise should suitably be registered through EM part II/ Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) for availing financial benefits.

3. Implementing Agency: MSME-Development Institutes.

4. Financial Assistance to MSEs:: Providing 75% of one time registration fee and Annual recurring fee (for first three years) paid by MSEs to GS1 India. The claim may be submitted in prescribed format (or system in place).