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DIRECTORY OF OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES WORKING AT MSME-DI, THRISSUR(under section 4(1)(b)(IX) of right to Information Act, 2005)

SI No Name Designation
S / Sh / Smt.
1 Shri. M. Palanivel Director (I/C)
2 Shri. G. S. Prakash Dy. Director
3 Shri. G. Velladurai Dy. Director
4 Smt. Kathreenamma Sebastian Dy. Director
5 Shri. Martin P Chacko Asst. Director Gr. II
6 Shri. P.B.Suresh Babu Asstt. Director Gr.II
7 Shri. K.R Krishnakumar Asst. Director Gr. II
8 Smt. Anusha C S Asstt. Director Gr.II
9 Smt. Lachithamol.U.C Asstt. Director Gr.II
10 Shri. Vishesh Aggarwal Asstt. Director Gr.II
11 Smt. K. Rekha Investigator
12 Smt. Rajasree Varma Senior Hindi Translator
13 Smt. K.P. Jayasree Office Superintendent
14 Smt. R. Sarada Devi Office Superintendentr
15 Shri. K. Peethambaran Stenographer Gr. I
16 Smt. K. M. Baby Stenographer Gr.I
17 Smt. Aniamma Chacko Upper Division Clerk
18 Smt. C. K. Jalaja Upper Division Clerk
19 Smt. Usha. P Upper Division Clerk
20 Shri. K. Suresh Upper Division Clerk
21 Smt. Bindu. K Upper Division Clerk
22 Shri. V. R. Shibudas Upper Division Clerk
23 Smt. K. Vijayalakshmi Upper Division Clerk
24 Smt. Leena. M. D Upper Division Clerk
25 Shri. Sebastian K Joseph Upper Division Clerk
26 Smt. Suja Roy Upper Division Clerk
27 Smt. V. K. Daisy Stenographer Gr. II
28 Shri. Shaji. N. M. Stenographer Gr. II
29 Smt. Sheena. S Stenographer Gr. II
30 Smt. Preethy. M.G Stenographer Gr. II
31 Smt. Viji Alet Stenographer Gr. II
32 Shri. Mathewkutty James Instructor
33 Shri. V. Jethuram Instructor
34 Shri. G. Sreeram Pillai Instructor
35 Shri. Benny Thomas MTS (Tech)
36 Shri. M. Manikandan MTS (Non-Tech)
37 Shri. P. B. Santhosh MTS (Non-Tech)
38 Shri. Ayush Krishnan. R MTS (Non-Tech)
39 Kum. Saranya. K.S MTS (Non-Tech)


Separate pay bill is prepared for (i) Establishment whose charges are debitable to different heads of accounts, (ii) persons for whom cheques payments are made and (iii) Group employees. The responsibility for drawal of pay & allowances is vested with the drawing & disbursing Officer

DIRECTORY OF OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES WORKING AT MSME-DI NC, AMINI (under section 4(1)(b)(IX) of right to Information Act, 2005)

SI No Name Designation
S / Sh / Smt.
1 Shri. Ambrose Royson. C Asst. Director Gr. II
2 Shri. P. Radhakrishnan Stenographer Gr. I